As a guest instructor I offer private lessons as well as a wide variety of workshops! I offer competitive  and affordable pricing. If you are a studio owner and would like to book workshops for your students, please contact me via the contact form!

Workshop Descriptions:

Trouble Tricks (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) 1hr
Let’s tackle some of those tricks you’ve been aiming to accomplish or wanting to nail every time. Please come to this workshop with some ideas of your “trouble tricks”, and get some valuable tips while we work towards your goals!

Drops & Tumbles
(Intermediate/Advanced) 1hr
Put your fears aside and learn to fall
down the pole... with style! This
workshop focuses on the drops and
tumbles that make pole dancing so
acrobatic and amazing!

Spin Control (Beginner, Intermediate,
or Advanced) 1hr
Learn how to control your spin using mounting and dismounting techniques and trick combinations while working on the grace and expression of the spin pole.

Sexy Dance & Floorwork
(All Levels) 1.5hr
This workshop will include sexy dance choreography utilizing transitions, spins, and sensual floorwork. Perfect and enjoy your sensual flow! Dance heels are encouraged.

Lyrical Choreography (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) 1.5hr
Learn choreography meant for beautiful expression of a lyrical piece of music while practicing grace and fluidity. This dance will include a balance of tricks, transitions, and lyrical floorwork.

Floor Inversions
(Intermediate/Advanced) 1hr
Learn how to do several types of floor inversions in this workshop, including headstand, handstand, shoulder-stand, forearm-stand, and floating V. Students need to already be able to perform a handstand against the pole.

Flexibility (All Levels) 1.5hr
This guided flexibility session will include stretches and exercises geared towards balanced and increasing mobility in the hips, spine,and shoulders.

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