Pole fitness is an exercise form practiced by athletes, students, gym-goers, and performers world-wide. This fun and challenging workout will help you lose weight, build and tone muscle, increase flexibility, & boost your confidence!

Who can try pole dancing?

Anyone can try pole fitness!
I teach both women and men of all ages and sizes. You do not need to be fit to try it out. Pole fitness can and will benefit your mind and body with remarkable results!

Private lessons are the best way to get started in the wonderful world of pole dancing and fitness. Let me show you one-on-one how much fun fitness can be by turning a workout into a play date! Please contact me for scheduling and
pricing information!

What  can pole dancing do for you?

Lose Weight!
One pole fitness lesson can burn as many as 250 calories or more, which is equivalent to a good gym session.

Build and Tone Muscle!
Pole fitness combines isometric and dynamic exercises for strength and endurance. Climbing the pole is harder than a bicep curl!

Increase Flexibility!
Warm ups and cool downs include a variety of stretches. Pole fitness will naturally increase your range of motion, balance, and coordination.

Boost Your Confidence!
Imagine how good you'll feel after learning a new move. Not only will you be stronger, but you'll feel stronger, inside and out!

Private lesson packages available upon request! 

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